Total Whelping System

As a Professional Breeder, you deserve the best tools for the job. The BreederSelect Total Whelping System is the best in the trade. GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK! Make the whelping environment for your puppies clean, safe and comfortable.

See How It Works

Benefit from our experience as breeders!

BreederSelect is a family-owned business. We have been dog breeders for over 10 years. As many breeders, we tried many different set-ups to raise our puppies, but the BreederSelect Total Whelping System has been our greatest asset. I say that because it has enabled us to keep our puppies and dams in a very safe and sanitary environment, helping us produce healthy, beautiful puppies. The BreederSelect Total Whelping System has been in existence for about 10 years. The kennels look just like new and they are sooo easy to clean and sanitize. Breeders, you deserve the best in the industry. Give it a try. You will love it!

We have been using Nuvet Plus for several years now. We have been very impressed with the results. Nuvet Plus is beneficial to your pet's immune system. Nuvet Labs has a great Breeder Program that will benefit you and your puppy customers! Speak to Manuel today!
We use Jeffers for all our dogs' needs. They have excellent products and excellent service. We definitely recommend you make Jeffers a partner in your breeding business. You will save money! You will love the products! And you will appreciate the outstanding customer service they provide!
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